Flexyfoot video

Flexyfoot, the amazing new concept in walking aids, has been dipping its toe into the motion picture waters.

Last week we
made a film demonstrating the efficacy and ease of use of Flexyfoot. A few years ago this would have taken days, required numerous set-ups, cost a lot and yet would end up with something not looking great and not explaining too much. Our session took a few hours in a studio, using some of the best in modern film technology and will look great.

To really see Flexyfoot in action (absorbing the impact, fully in contact with the surface, being able to rotate) required some pretty precise filming and using some brilliant lighting and professional camera work.

It also helps to have some fantastic talent backing up the technology. David Goodwin, the designer of Flexyfoot came along having constructed all of the props, even making a few amendments on the day. Orlando and Frank from Grain Media directed and filmed expertly, and we managed to cover all the necessary product points and benefits as per the script.

Look out for the video online in a few weeks at www.flexyfoot.com.