The View Tube

The View Tube is one of the latest offerings delivered by Urban Space Management. A company dedicated and known for economic renewal of run down or under utilised space for retail, workshop and community uses, in imaginative and cost effective ways. The View Tube is located on The Greenway opposite adjacent to the Olympic Park in East London.

Built using recycled shipping containers, by Urban Space Management, we love them already! It is a social enterprise and community venue which includes a café, education, arts and information spaces. The spaces are available to artists to exhibit their work and interpretation of the Olympics development.

Their environmental involvement does not just stop at the building of the venue. View Tube Learn is a unique place where regeneration and sustainability is taught in interactive workshops for primary and secondary education, led by London Wildlife Trust and Field Studies Council.

We at The View rate this venue highly, and support its use and education of re-using materials and its lessons on sustainability. They might find this a useful tool when trying to teach school kids the importance of sustainability, speaking their language, so to speak: Let's Get Sustainabizzled

The Alternative View

Looking at our namesake across the pond, The View, US-stylee, is still making waves following Barack Obama's appearance on the show last week.

Very witty blog from The Guardian's Richard Adams: - and the show itself, if you have the time to view...

What next - The Brokeback Coalition on Loose Women?