Not quite best job in the world?

By Sue Skeats, 2 December 2009

Okay, news today is that Skype is sending some bloke off to the most remote phone box in the world to raise awareness of its cheap proposition.
Auditions were held (à la ‘Best Job in the World’) for a guy to hang around said booth for 10 days. Turns out to be in Spain though. Doesn’t sound very remote to us.
Seeing as we like to talk about ‘believability’ at The View, we question this. It was, after all, inspired by The Mojave Desert Phone Box, the loneliest public phone in the world to which all sorts of randoms trek, or call it on the off-chance that someone answers.
Apparently it’s the first global live-streaming campaign for Skype followed by a nail-biting, white-knuckle ride ‘highlights’ film. Nice music though. Catch up on the action HERE

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  1. OK so its a bit of a publicity stunt but pretty cool, huh?